atomic heart gameplay

Atomic Heart first wowed gamers in May of 2018 with its debut trailer, which was filled with Soviet imagery and first-person action. Since then we’ve seen several additional teasers for the game, which has often been compared to BioShock, and reports that the game was in development hell after mass layoffs at developer Mundfish. However, the newly released gameplay trailer shows that the promising title is still in development and still looks just as intriguing as ever.

The Atomic Heart gameplay trailer is shorter than 50 seconds, but it manages to cover a great deal within that time. Players get to see a strange Soviet base filled with high-tech creations, robotic enemies, and otherworldly creatures. It also shows off plenty of physics-based combat ranging from shooting guns to stunning foes with melee strikes.

While there is still no release date for Atomic Heart, the Russian developer has been open about the mysterious title’s premise. Players will take the role of a special agent named P-3, whose mission is to figure out what went wrong in a manufacturing facility that has gone radio silent. Despite taking place during the height of the USSR, the game features an alternative history with plenty of advanced technology.

“This is a game about everything that could have happened but did not take place in the USSR in the ’30s through to the ’60s,” explained Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni as he discussed Atomic Heart with IGN. “A technical revolution has already taken place: robots, the internet, holograms have already been invented, but all these innovations are submerged in the atmosphere of communism, confrontation with the imperialism of the West and all the other inherent political and social aspects of the time.”

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