Mojang and Notch offer the best swag ever: early access to games in development.

When you attend conventions like New York Comic Con, PAX or Gen Con, you typically receive a bag of swag from various sources. This promotional swag can take many forms, including coupons, catalogs and flyers to tee-shirts and small toys. For the first MineCon being held in Las Vegas on November 18-19 for fans of Minecraft and all things Mojang, attendees will be able to play the alpha versions of two upcoming games: Scrolls and Cobalt.

The alphas for these games aren’t yet finished, of course, but attendees will get a code to use when Scrolls and Cobalt are ready for testing. Scrolls – still working under that title despite Bethesda crying foul – is a tactical war game inspired by collectible card games and board games in which you’ll control armies summoned from, yep scrolls. Cobalt is Mojang’s first third-party game – developed by Oxeye Game Studio – and it looks like a 2D side-scroller with a lot of character.

Tickets to attend MineCon are $99 if you purchase ahead of time, and the Mandalay Bay Resort hotel in Las Vegas is currently offering discounted rates for rooms. Head over to the MineCon website to learn more.

If I had the time, I would construct my own version of the MineCon in MineCraft so that I could pretend I was hanging out with Notch and all the cool people who will be in Las Vegas at the real event. (And so that I could get those alpha codes.)

Source: Mojang

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