The 2-minute long Australian ad for FIFA 14 contains no gameplay, no discussion of the game’s features, and nobody playing soccer.

A marketing team that is either incompetent or brilliant has put together an Australian advertisement for FIFA 14: EA Sport’s latest installment in the FIFA franchise. So why am I wasting your time reporting an promotional video? Because despite this ad being for a soccer video game, it contains no gameplay, and no discussion of the game’s features. There isn’t even anyone playing soccer. It does, however, contain an aerobics routine and a cringe-worthy “Gangnam Style” reference.

The ad starts out like one of those super cheesy “visit Australia” ads from the 80s, and then cuts to local soccer hero Tim Cahill eyeing off a bunch of women doing aerobics. That’s pretty much the entire video. It’s peppered with a bunch of Australian “sayings” that no-one has said since Crocodile Dundee, and has Xbox controller combinations randomly superimposed over the “work out techniques”.

Like I said, I’m about 50% sure that this is just a ploy to go viral (in which case, it’s kind of succeeding), but you would think to at least see something soccer related in an advertisement for a soccer game.

What do our other Aussie readers think of this? Did it make you cringe as much as I did?

Source: YouTube

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