Your Xbox 360 avatar could become the savior of the world in the upcoming Avatar Legends.

One of the next Xbox Live Indie Games that RPG fans might want to look out for is Avatar Legends from Barkers Crest Studio. It takes your Xbox 360 avatar and turns him/her into a sword-wielding, magic-slinging hero in a lengthy quest, and even lets you create your own worlds and quests for others to play.

Avatar Legends‘ first trailer shows avatars shooting fire and generating fields of electricity to defeat skeletons and orcs. Barkers Crest says the game will come with a 10+ hour single player storyline where players will level up, acquire gold, and collect equipment. Up to 6 players can also engage in Avatar Legends‘ multiplayer mode, featuring specific types of maps, in addition to competing for global high scores.

These modes alone are probably worth the few dollars the game will likely cost (it is an Xbox Live Indie Game after all), but Barkers Crest is throwing in a level designer too. The level designer can be used to create more multiplayer maps and single player adventures. Users can build terrain, add trees, structures, roads, rivers, and other objects, setup waves of enemies and combat zones, define the world’s quests and items, place NPCs (which can be your friends) and write their dialogue, and implement trigger events such as changes in weather. Other players will be able to download custom maps to their hard drives (though it’s not clear if this is just for multiplayer maps or not).

It looks interesting, but we’ll have to wait and see if Avatar Legends has any gameplay chops when it’s released in late April on the Xbox Live Indie Games storefront.

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