Avoid Nighttime Splashdowns with this Motion-Activated LED Toilet Light


Fun fact: 100% of women who have fallen into a toilet in the middle of the night (because someone left the seat up) decide to initiate divorce within four minutes. We’re not saying that the motion-activated LED toilet light can save your marriage, but we’re not not saying it. Get it for $11.99 at Escapist Deals.

This color-changing bowl light helps prevent trips, falls, and little puddles around the toilet. Just pop it onto the toilet lid and it’ll automatically light up when it senses motion, saying lit for 30 seconds after. When the seat it down, the light will be green for GO. When it’s down, it’ll be red for “I’m seeing red after falling into the toilet for the third time this month.”

Get the motion-activated LED toilet light for $11.99 at Escapist Deals.

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