Former Midway developers have formed a new studio and are showing off a new game that’s incredibly similar to the now-canceled game, Hero.

Back in July, it was revealed that Midway had been working on a game called Hero. Hero was one of the projects that was shut down by the company’s financial woes. The game looked like it was a grittier, more open-ended version of Infamous, and it seemed like a shame that the game would never see the light of day. Now, it turns out that Hero‘s development team has formed its own studio and is working on a very similar game.

The new studio is called Phosphor Games. Subsequently, the new game is called Awakened and the trailer for the game shows what seems to be a fascinating, open world for players to either save or terrorize. Looking at Awakened‘s early gameplay, there are a lot of similar elements to Hero, though Awakened seems like it’s got an even more open world that seems less-gritty (though no less mature) than its predecessor.

The trailer doesn’t really reveal much about Awakened, but it shows a lot of impressive-looking action set pieces. The concept of an action game starring a fully-customizable superhuman certainly sounds promising. At the moment, the game doesn’t have a publisher attached. That said, I’d be surprised if someone doesn’t snatch up the publishing rights in the near future, based on this trailer.

Source: Joystiq

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