BAIT Makes You Run From Monsters in Real Life


Monsters will eat you if you don’t keep running while playing BAIT.

Designer Theo Tveteras has created the concept for a game that will give players a realistic look at what it’s like to run away from monsters. In BAIT, if you don’t run, you’re dead. Well, you really just lose points, but getting eaten by monsters sounds so much more exciting.

BAIT is an audio game that would be installed on a smartphone or similar device and uses a GPS and internal sensors to determine how fast or far a person runs. The basic idea is to create something more exciting than the usual types of fitness tracking software.

Players take on the role of a BAIT agent, an organization created to destroy radioactive monsters that are entering the world through wormholes. Running charges an “electronic neutralizer” that self-detonates once fully maxed out, killing any creatures chasing after you. If charging goals are not met, i.e. the player’s running goals, you will incur damage and lose points.

Each level of BAIT is only completed when the player reaches a certain number of points. Levels are based on interval training with monsters appearing at specific times to increase workout intensity. Points could potentially also be used to purchase upgrades (that might allow for a quick break), while co-op is also possible with nearby agents.

Though BAIT isn’t real yet, it’s a concept that shouldn’t be ignored. Running can be a truly boring activity. Something like BAIT could make people want to run and stay fit, or at least make the activity a little easier. Wii Fit might have players jogging in place, but that’s not as engaging as actually running from monsters in the real world. Believe me, I know.

Source: GameSetWatch

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