Tale of Games has unveiled a new trailer highlighting the gameplay of its action RPG Barkley 2.

If you’ve never played Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden Chapter 1, you’re missing out. Released as freeware by Tale of Game’s Studios in 2008, it’s a retro styled JRPG that tells the story of an apocalyptic future where the performance of the rare “Chaos Dunk” has led to the banning of basketball. Players take on the role of dunkee and former basketball star Charles Barkley, who following another Chaos Dunk is on the run as government forces try to fulfill their purge of basketball from the world. It was a joyously zany experience enjoyed by enough gamers to merit a sequel which raised a more than $120,000 on Kickstarter last year.

Now, Tale of Games has released a new trailer showcasing the gameplay of said sequel, Barkley 2. To put it succinctly, it’s looks pretty different from the first game. Whereas Chapter 1 was built around a fairly traditional JRPG format, Barkley 2 looks to be more of a faster paced action game. None of this is to suggest that’s a bad thing, however. All in all, the game looks to be shaping up into a high quality retro experience and, though its deviation from the original might disappoint some fans, it still looks to be maintaining elements of its RPG roots. More importantly, it seems to be maintaining the inherent wackiness that helped make the first game so much fun. When you get down to it, there’s no real lack for serious RPGs and indie efforts. There is however a serious deficit of titles starring amnesiac basketball cyborgs.

Source: PCGamer

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