Nancy Cartwright, better known to the world as the voice of Bart Simpson, has ruffled some feathers by using the Bartman’s voice in “robocalls” promoting the Church of Scientology.

Cartwright, who became a Scientologist in 1989, begins the call in Bart Simpson’s voice, saying, “Hey, what’s happening man? This is Bart Simpson,” before revealing that it’s actually Cartwright calling. She then announces that she’s now “auditing on new OT (Operating Thetan) Level Seven,” whatever that actually means, and begins a pitch for an upcoming Flag World Tour Event, taking place on January 31 in the Grand Ballroom at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood, California. The rest of the message alternates between Cartwright’s own voice and Bart Simpson’s, including his signature giggle.

While The Simpsons creator Matt Groening has not yet commented on the matter, The Register reported that Executive Producer Al Jean disavowed any connection to the message. “This is not authorized by us,” Jean is quoted as saying. “The Simpsons does not, and never has, endorsed any religion, philosophy or system of beliefs any more profound than Butterfinger bars.”

High-profile Hollywood figures like Tom Cruise and John Travolta are the best-known faces of Scientology, but Cartwright has embraced the pseudo-religion strongly herself. “Before Scientology I had one dream of making a living, from doing voice-overs for animation,” she said in 2006. “After I became a Scientologist my abilities expanded so far and above what I originally dreamed that I’ve amazed even myself.” A year later, she donated $10 million to the organization, outpacing donations from Cruise, Travola, Kirstey Alley and others and earning her the Patron Laureate Award.

A recording of the call posted on YouTube was pulled at the request of Twentieth Century Fox over copyright claims, but a recording of the call with the video removed is still available. (via Xenu TV)

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