Demon’s Souls is not the kind of action-RPG you simply hack and slash your way through, so it might be wise to check out this video walkthrough Atlus has prepared on the basics of Demon’s Souls.

From Software’s Demon’s Souls is not joking around. One glance at the cover art should tell you that much. See that dead armored dude? Yeah, that’s your character in the game. Other Atlus-published titles like Etrian Odyssey and Persona might mask their brutal difficulty with cutesy anime art on the cover, but not Demon’s Souls. Straight off the bat, right on the cover of the game, the message here is clear: this is not a game you will conquer with ease.

So yeah, it might not be a bad idea to watch this video walkthrough (the first in a series) Atlus has prepared to get you ready for what awaits in Demon’s Souls. It goes over the basics – character creation, backstory, how the game begins – and still, apparently there’s enough info to go over here that it takes four whole minutes to get through it.

If you’ve been following this game since it made its Japanese debut or even were hardcore enough to import it, you’re likely familiar with the exquisite torture that Demon’s Souls provides. For everyone else, check out the video. Demon’s Souls drops on October 6. We’ve got our hands on copies, and we’ll let you know how we like (or don’t) it. That’s if we can survive it. I knew I should have watched that damn walkthrough…

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