The Humble Bundle folks have launched a new weekly “pay what you want” sale, and the indie hit Bastion is leading the way.

You know by now that the Humble Bundles are collections of games, usually but not always indie, offered on an irregular basis at any price you care to pay. But now the people behind it are trying something else: a weekly pay-what-you-want sale on a single game. And the first title up for grabs is a doozy.

If you, like me, are among the small slice of gaming humanity who haven’t yet played Bastion and then immediately raved about it to everyone within earshot, this is something you should pay attention to. Not only can you score both the Steam and DRM-free versions of the game for as little as a single, measly dollar, but if you beat the average purchase price, currently $2.59, you’ll also take home the soundtrack, a digital art pack, the Bastion soundtrack sheet music and iPhone and Android ringtones. And for $25, which includes worldwide shipping, you’ll get all the digital stuff plus a Bastion Bandana, a soundtrack CD and printed Bastion and Transistor postcards – Transistor being Supergiant’s next game, which you can read more about right here.

The Humble Bundle Bastion Sale runs until next Tuesday, at which point another game will be put on the block. It’s a seriously sweet deal, and even if you already have the game it’s a good way to pick up the soundtrack and a few other goodies on the cheap. And if you don’t, well, there’s really no reason to let it slide anymore. Get in on the action at

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