Batman: Arkham Knight Mod Lets You Switch Between All 11 Characters


Cheer up, PC Batman fans, the cool mods are already starting to pour in.

PC gaming fans of the Batman: Arkham series have, well, not been having such a great time. But, one of the advantages of being a part of the glorious PC gaming master race is the ability to mod your game to your heart’s content, often bypassing restrictions set in place by the developer. If you happen to pick up Batman: Arkham Knight on PC before it was pulled from stores, you may want to go ahead and install this cool little mod that allows you to switch between all eleven playable characters in free-roam mode at will.

The mod comes courtesy of modders Wastelander121 and MrJAG, and allows players to switch between Red Hood, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Robin, Azrael, Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Joker, GCPD Officer Owens, and of course Batman simply by pressing the F1-11 keys.

The about section of the YouTube video to the right has the full installation instructions, although it’s a fairly simple affair. As always when installing mods, make sure you back up your save file just in case something goes wrong.

Harley Quinn is usually only playable in a pre-order exclusive DLC mission, so its nice to know that even if you didn’t cave-in to the pre-order goodies, you’ll still get to check her out at some point.

Source: Batman Arkham Videos via Polygon

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