Batman Beyond Preview Gives First Look at New Short


A preview for an upcoming Batman Beyond short shows a seeming battle between two Batmen.

Batman Beyond was a great show and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. That being the case, I was always kind of put off by how comparatively lame protagonist Terry McGinnis was to Bruce Wayne. It’s not that he was bad necessarily, it was more just that his stories and conflicts were leagues less interesting than when those moments when the show made connections the Batman: The Animated Series and Bruce’s past career as the caped crusader. It also didn’t help that the geriatric version of Bruce still, at times, came off as tough enough to rip Terry a new one.

It was with great amusement in turn, that I watched a recently released preview for an upcoming Batman Beyond short akin to the Animated Series short recently put together by Bruce Timm. In the preview, fans are treated to the spectacle of McGinnis’s high-tech Batman duking it out with what appears to be Bruce Wayne’s old-fashioned Animated Series version. I suspect no one will be surprised to hear that old-school Batman looks likes he’s going to whoop new-school Batman.

The short itself is being put together by Warner Bros. Animation veteran Darwyn Cooke as a part of the DC’s continued celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary. Cooke notably did storyboarding for both Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series. He was also responsible for Batman Beyond‘s nifty opening sequence. The Batman Beyond short is set to debut this Saturday at WonderCon in Anaheim, California.

Source: Batman News

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