Batman Invades and Improves Famous Films


The Tumblr site It’s Better With Batman has set out to prove the Dark Knight’s power to make everything more entertaining.

The universe operates on set of rules that, for the most part, are fairly incontrovertible. LEGOs are awesome. Oreos and milk are delicious. Comic book characters never truly die. These are standards that the world has proven time and time again to be consistently true. Perhaps the most golden of rules however, is that Batman makes everything better. Warner Bros. certainly believes it. And while you could perhaps argue that that company doesn’t have half of a clue as to what’s it doing at the moment, there’s plenty of other evidence to support the Dark Knight’s power to add some instant awesome with his very presence.

Take the Tumblr blog It’s Better With Batman. The blog, which showcases fan-made images injecting the Caped Crusader into games, TV shows movies, is rife with content demonstrating that just about any piece of art can be improved with a little bit of Batman. The Hangover? Better with Bats. Inglorious Bastards? Better with Bats. The Phantom Menace? So much better with Bats.

The blog’s offerings of improved properties are expanding every day and it’s not hard to see why. People everywhere are just able to recognize the simple fact that A+Batman=Awesome. If you don’t believe take a look at some of the results and let us know what you think could benefit from a dose of DC’s favorite money maker.

Source: It’s Better With Batman

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