Batman v Superman‘s Batmobile Shown Off in New Pics


New images have revealed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s Batmobile in all its dark, gritty glory.

Back in May, director Zack Snyder gave the world its first glimpse of Ben Affleck as the new Batman in his follow up to Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman wasn’t the only reveal in that Tweeted image, however. Set behind Affleck’s somber looking Dark Knight was the new Batmobile. Sadly, much of the vehicle was cropped out the image, leaving to wonder what the new take on the vehicle looked like in its full glory.

Those fans may be happy to hear that new images have now surfaced showing off the vehicle in full. The images, posted by several different users on Instagram, showcase the new Batmobile with its cockpit open and parked in a nondescript alleyway. The car itself definitely takes some cues from the Tumbler of the Christopher Nolan films; most notably with its tires and rugged design aesthetic. That said, we’d go so far as to say that it also perhaps emulates some of the more style driven Bat-cars of the character’s previous filmography. Its layout just screams Batman Forever (minus the bat wing fins, of course).

All in all, we’re actually going to go ahead and say it’s pretty cool looking. It looks like something we could see the Batman of the comics driving, while still be grounded enough to fit into Warner Bros more grounded take on the DC Universe. Granted, a good Batmobile isn’t going to save this film if it winds up being the dry, convoluted mess it’s arguably turning into, but hey, we can still give credit where it’s due.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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