Batman V Superman‘s Full Trailer Finally Arrives

Want to know what Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is all about? Its first trailer will finally answer some questions while raising others.

Where Marvel has a dozen movies we could be looking forward to at any given time, DC Comics pretty much has one: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. And even with the silly name, it’s absolutely shooting for the moon, presenting the first theatrical meeting between two major superheroes of all time while laying groundwork for the Justice League and Suicide Squad films. What wasn’t entirely clear was how Warner Bros. would fit everything into one film, but the first trailer – released today at San Diego Comic-Con – is giving us quite a few hints to mull over.

From all appearances, the big question driving this film is whether Superman can be trusted. After a disaster eerily reminiscent of Man of Steel‘s Kryptonian attack strikes Wayne Financial, the American government holds Superman responsible and contacts Lex Luthor for a solution. But the event has already placed Superman on Bruce Wayne’s radar, who brings Batman seemingly out of retirement to handle this new threat. Caught in the middle of all this is Superman himself, who is torn between the hero he wants to be and the symbol he’s being subverted into – a symbol that’s also been co-opted by some kind of terrorist group.

Meanwhile, all kinds of extra details are creeping in around the edges – most notably Wonder Woman leaping into battle, and messages painted by the Joker onto Batman’s uniform. It seems this trailer is raising just as many questions as it answers, but I have to admit – it is raising my interest and excitement for Batman V Superman. We’ll find out if that’s justified when the movie launches on March 25, 2016.

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