Battleborn’s Peacekeepers Faction Character Roster

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The Peacekeepers are an idealistic faction that totally give off some huge ‘protagonist’ vibes with their bald eagle men and bearded defenders. They’re a rag-tag bunch, natural underdogs that just want to be your new favorite heroes. Get an overview of their style with the gallery right here.

Scroll down for our Peacekeepers faction gallery, with a complete overview of each character’s powers, skills, and passives in one image each. Below the gallery, you’ll find biographies detailing backstories and goals that add flavor to the hero’s journey.

Table of Contents:

United Peacekeeping Republics – Faction Characters

A collection of civilizations banded together under the banner of mutual protection, freedom, and equality, the nomadic UPR – like the other factions – now find themselves in Solus with no home to call their own. Though recently crippled by the secession of one of their strongest constituents, the Last Light Consortium, the UPR remains nonetheless committed to their idealistic sense of justice.


Galilea – Peacekeepers Defender

Warped by a corruptive agent in a mission against the Jennerit, Galilea endured hundreds of years of self-imposed exile on Bliss before joining the Battleborn. The darkness within her is both her greatest strength and most profound struggle.


Ghalt – Peacekeepers Attacker

Former Peacekeepers officer and capable commander Captain Trevor Ghalt wields his charisma and shotguns with equal effectiveness. As one of the first among the factions to call for unity against the Varelsi, Ghalt is considered the first Battleborn.


Oscar Mike – Peacekeepers Attacker

A discarded clone soldier from a long-forgotten war, Oscar Mike is a capable front-line fighter, engaging enemies at range with his assault rifle, cloaking for quick exits from tight spots, and inspiring his allies with his… unconventional personality.


Benedict – Peacekeepers Attacker

Brash and arrogant Benedict loves three things: himself, rockets, and himself. Though his left wing was crippled during the evacuation of his homeworld, Benedict is still capable of limited flight, raining down rockets from a high vantage point.


Montana – Peacekeepers Defender

When he’s not clotheslining bears for fun, Montana can be found suppressing enemies with his fearsome minigun and soaking up industrial-sized buckets of hurt on behalf of his comrades. Self-appointed morale officer of the Battleborn and friend to all.


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