One of the series’ most daunting aspects will receive a “test range” mode.

Flying a plane or a helicopter in a Battlefield game is a very daunting task. Their controls are vastly different to tanks and infantry, and unless you have some flight sim experience under your belt, you’re probably going to suck hard. Thankfully, DICE have announced that Battlefield 4 will feature a “test range” mode for jets and choppers, so players can learn the ropes without making their teammates rage.

“We’ve definitely heard that people are afraid of getting in there [and using vehicles like helicopters] and that’s not our intent, so what we’ve done is, we’ve added a test range, which allows you to try out all the hardware ahead of time.”

The test range will allow you to tweak your settings until you are comfortable with the vehicles, as well as allowing you to do “some stunt flights just to feel safe before you go out and get the responsibility of a bunch of other people sitting in your helicopter,” said Lars Gustavsson, the Creative Director at DICE.

He also offered a few thoughts on some other features people have been asking for in Battlefield, such as “Dinosaur mode,” which has sort of become an in-joke for the Battlefield community. “We definitely hear them and I like the thought of [Dinosaur mode] too, so who knows. It definitely sounds extremely sexy and sounds like something that would fit the Battlefield universe very well.”

Gustavsson also confirms that you will be able to play Battlefield 4 on the PSVita via remote-play from the PS4.

Source: IGN

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