dragons teeth release date

A since-deleted tweet announced that the latest Battlefield 4 expansion pack would be launching in July 15.

Battlefield: Hardline, the cops-and-robbers Battlefield 4 reskin, may be just around the corner, but there’s still some life left in Battlefield 4. Namely, there are still two yet-to-be-released expansion packs: Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand. Now, we may have a solid release date for Dragon’s Teeth, going by a since-deleted Tweet from the official Origin Twitter account.

“Save 20% on BF4 Premium right now, then jump into Dragon’s Teeth early on July 15th,” read the Tweet, which had been screen-capped by MP1ST. The message was quickly removed and replaced with a revised “Save 20% on BF4 Premium right now, then jump into Dragon’s Teeth 2 weeks early.” If the initial date was correct, it would put the public launch of Dragon’s Teeth on July 29.

When we last saw Dragon’s Teeth, it was via a massive leak of its new weapons and equipment, including the return of every Counter-Strike player’s bane – the riot shield, and this crazy remote-controlled tank. The official release date for the DLC is still listed as “Summer, 2014”.

As for Final Stand, we know next-to-nothing about it, except that it will be the final Battlefield 4 expansion pack.

We’ve reached out for EA on confirmation of the release date, but it seems fairly likely that we’ll be able to sink our teeth into Dragon’s Teeth before the end of the month.

Source: Joystiq via MP1ST

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