Battlefield 4 Stat Transfer May Be Possible, DICE Says


Battlefield 4 players may be allowed to transfer their stats and progression from the current-gen version of the game to next-gen.

As a die-hard Battlefield fan, you’re obviously going to purchase Battlefield 4 when it launches on October 29, and you’re going to play it like a maniac, because that’s what die-hards do. But not too terribly long after that, the next generation of consoles comes out, and of course you’re going to buy one of those too. That, naturally, means an even bigger, badder Battlefield experience will beckon – the next-gen edition! But what about all that time and effort you put into your current copy? Is it lost forever?

Maybe not. While Battlefield 3 stats are non-transferable, DICE hinted on Twitter recently that it’s looking into the possibility of making Battlefield 4 more flexible. “We’ve heard reports that players would like their stats and progression to transfer from current to next-gen in #BF4. We’re investigating,” the studio tweeted.

“Investigating” is a long way from “doing” but the fact that DICE brought it up publicly at all speaks volumes, and as CVG pointed out, EA confirmed just prior to the DICE tweet that FIFA 14 Ultimate Team rosters, in-game items and currency will all be transferable between current and next-gen systems. And if FIFA can do it, why not Battlefield?

Battlefield 4 comes out for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 29, while Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions will launch alongside their respective consoles.

Source: Twitter

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