Canted iron sights, new grip options, and active camouflage are just a few of the new customization options you can look forward to in Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 Lead Core Game Designer Alan Kertz recently showed off demo of some of the new weapon and vehicle customization options we can look forward to in the latest Battlefield. As well as many of the old tried-and-true options longtime fans are used to, there are a number of new toys for us to play with, included “canted” iron sights (the ability to have two sights on a single gun without respawning), a multitude of new grip options, and “active camouflage”, which will change depending on the map.

When customising, players are presented with a 3D model of their weapon which allows them to view every detail. Secondary weapons, IE: pistols, can also be fully customized just like your main weapon. There is a huge variety of new paint jobs for weapons, and you won’t have to unlock them for each individual gun: unlocking a paint job unlocks it for every weapon.

In the video Kertz is shown selecting the “ergonomic grip”, which is much better suited for running and gunning, as opposed to other grips that work better when you stop to take the shot.

Kertz also told us a bit about how the “active camouflage” option for vehicles would work. Basically, it changes depending on the map: if you are playing in a desert, you’ll get a desert-storm type camouflage, if it’s a city, you’ll get a lot more blues and grays.

Lastly, we were shown something called “tired reloading”. Tiered reloading means you now don’t have to play entire reload animations if you switch weapons halfway through a reload sequence. Once the clip has been removed and you switch to another weapon, switching back means you just have to put the new clip in and fire.

Source: YouTube

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