battlefield 4 obliteration game mode

You’ll be able to try out both the Conquest and the Dominion mode in the Battlefield 4 open beta.

DICE has detailed all seven of the game modes that will be available in its upcoming shooter: Battlefield 4, including which modes will be playable in the open beta. Of the seven modes, five return from Battlefield 3, and two are completely new to Battlefield 4. It was previously known that only Conquest mode would be playable in the Battlefield 4 beta when it launched on October 1st, but DICE has now confirmed that Domination will also be playable.

Game modes returning from Battlefield 3 include:

  • Conquest – The definitive Battlefield game mode which features land, sea, and air skirmishes to control capture points.
  • Domination – A fast paced infantry-only variant of Conquest.
  • Rush – Attackers try to destroy two M-COM stations while defenders defend them.
  • Team Deathmatch – pretty self explanatory.
  • Squad Deathmatch – TDM but with each 5-man-squad being a different team.

The first new game mode is Obliteration. In Obliteration, a bomb spawns at a random location on the map. Both teams must fight to pick up the bomb, drop it off at one of their opponent’s three objectives, arm it, and destroy the objective.

The other new game mode is Defuse, which is essentially Counter-strike‘s DE mode. Players only have one life per round, and win by either killing of the members of an enemy team, or planting a bomb on an M-COM station.

Commander mode will only be available in Conquest, Obliteration, and Rush.

Source: Battlefield Blog

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