Battlestarbook Facebook-izes Battlestar Galactica


Ever imagined what it would look like if the cast of Battlestar Galactica had Facebook pages? Well, someone else on the Internet already has: meet “Battlestarbook.”

For all their incredible scientific advancements in The Future (TM), something the cast of Battlestar Galactica didn’t have was a handy way to keep track of everybody’s status and relationship updates via social networking. That is, until now. Tara Gelsomino was inspired by a similar Austenbook to try and tell the tale of BSG through the Facebook interface, and the result is … pretty awesome, we think.

“Dr. Gaius Baltar became a fan of himself” is pretty amusing, but personally I’d rather think of someone browsing the Internet from their iPhone 3(000)G, seeing “Commander Adama has changed his status from Single to It’s Complicated,” and gasping with gossipy delight.

…look, it’s a funny mental image, okay?

(Via io9)

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