Battletoads release date Dlala Studios Rare Microsoft Xbox One Xbox Game Pass

The new Battletoads game by Dlala Studios, supported by original developer Rare, will release on Aug. 20 for Xbox One, Windows, Xbox Game Pass, and Steam.

Battletoads follows three anthropomorphic frogs named Zitz, Rash, and Pimple who have the ability to twist and contort their bodies in combat. Players will participate in different kinds of stages including classic beat ’em ups, platforming, racing, and even shoot ’em up modes. The game will also feature 3-player couch co-op, as well as a variety of difficulty settings to cater to players of different skill levels.

A new trailer was released showcasing the general comedic tone of the game and some gameplay. Dlala’s animated cartoon style serves to highlight the wackiness of the story and exaggerate the main characters’ personalities.

Xbox Game Pass members can now pre-install the game in preparation for when it releases on day one. Currently, no price has been listed on either the Microsoft Store page or on Steam’s.

Battletoads is the latest release in the series, with the last entry being Battletoads Arcade back in 1994. Since then, the franchise characters have appeared as cameos in games such as Killer Instinct and Shovel Knight, and the original game and Arcade were included in 2015’s Rare Replay, a 30-game compilation of Rare’s past releases.

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