Platinum Games’s Bayonetta, and Corrin from the upcoming Fire Emblem: Fates, are the final characters to join the Super Smash Bros. roster, arriving early in February.

Challengers approaching! As previously reported, Bayonetta and Corrin are the final characters to enter the Smash Bros. fray, at least for this generation.

Each arrive February 3rd. Bayonetta will set you back 6.99 for both versions of the game and includes her battlefield, the Umbral Tower, while the Fire Emblem star costs a dollar less.

Like Robin, you’ll be able to change Corrin’s gender through costume changes, as he or she is customizable in their own game. The angel-slaying witch queen, for her part, will by rocking her original 2010 ‘do or 2014’s shorn look, as to your preference.

Both characters are joining the Smash partly to raise awareness for their own franchises – Fates is landing on February 19th, stateside, and Platinum Games’ Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 is getting its own re-release the same day.

Nintendo insists that Bayonetta was the “overall number one choice worldwide,” and I guess I can’t complain. Just… maybe we’ll get Geno next time? Sakurai? Ok?


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