BBFC Holding Videogame Classification Seminar


The British Board of Film Classification has announced it will be holding a seminar to explain its videogame rating process.

A recent statement from the BBFC said, “The BBFC is aware of the increased production costs of next generation videogame development and the tight deadlines which all developers and publishers face. The classification process needs to be as efficient as possible.

“Our seminar, “Classifying Games at the BBFC,” will explain how the process works,” the statement continued. “It will cover the legal framework for games regulation, how classification decisions are reached and the practicalities of the job. The seminar aims to promote a better understanding of the BBFC and equip the games industry with everything needed to take best advantage of the service.”

The BBFC functions similarly to the ESRB in North American, but rates movies, DVDs and videos as well as videogames, using an eight-step rating system. The role and influence of the agency in the U.K. videogame industry came to widespread prominence in June, when it declined to issue a rating to Manhunt 2, banning its sale in that country.

The “Classifying Games at the BBFC” seminar will take place at the BBFC office at 3 Soho Square in London on October 30. More information is available by contacting the BBFC via its website.

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