The British Board of Film Classification has just launched Parents BBFC, a website that shows visitors videogame and movie ratings as determined by the organization.

“This website will take the guesswork out of the family outing to the cinema and open up the world of videogames for those who don’t know their PSP from their Wii,” said BBFC director David Cooke.

The BBFC is not a government agency, but rather an independent organization that classifies media. However, it is also charged by the Secretary of State with the task of rating video recordings “offered for sale or hire commercially in the U.K.” and can therefore censor material.

The new website, located at, offers search and drop-down menus for movies, DVD releases and videogames.

Titles are rated from preschool to age 18 and over, with five sections in between. Rating explanations are provided on a per-title basis.

So far the site still appears to be used heavily for movies, as none of the top 10 site searches are for videogames.


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