The British Board of Film Classification hasn’t given up its fight to keep Manhunt 2 off U.K. shelves, warning that it may take its case to the High Court for judicial review.

The BBFC’s ban on Manhunt 2 was overturned earlier this week when the Video Appeals Committee decided in favor of publisher Rockstar Games. Following that decision, the BBFC was required to either issue an 18+ rating, clearing it for sale in the U.K., or take the case to the High Court.

According to a report in MCV, the agency is examining both options. “We need to see the judgment papers from the VAC case before we even consider giving Manhunt 2 a rating,” BBFC spokeswoman Sue Clark said. “If we spot anything problematic, we may decide to take our case to the High Court as a judicial review, which would lead to Manhunt 2’s release being frozen in the U.K.”

“Our main concern is to ensure a lawful outcome,” she added. “It needs to be the right decision within the U.K.’s legal framework – which will be the right decision in the public interest.”

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