Beat ‘Test Your Might’ the Easy Way With This Mortal Kombat X Trick

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Mortal Kombat X is full of challenging towers, but the hardest on your thumb is the infamous ‘Test Your Might’ mini-game. Learn how to crush this tricky tower with one easy trick

Since the first Mortal Kombat, players have been mashing buttons and smashing blocks between fights. It’s been an optional activity for the better part of two decades, and that trend continues in Mortal Kombat X — but if you’re looking to earn the aggravating achievement / trophy Almighty this is the guide for you.

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How to Easily Complete ‘Test Your Might’

The Test Your Might challenge seems impossible on your first try. Mashing all those buttons is exhausting, and by the end of it you’ll kill your thumb and snap your precious controller in half. Don’t let this tough tower beat you.

Instead, employ a simple trick that makes this one of the easiest challenges in MKX. All you need is a pen.


  • 1. Place the controller flat onto a surface, with one hand on the L2/LT button. This can be in your lap, on a chair, wherever you can hold the controller steady.
  • 2. Take a pen and rapidly glide it over the four face buttons. Rubbing the pen across all four buttons, back and forth, can press them far faster than your thumbs ever could.
  • 3. Use the pen to mash the buttons, then press L2/LT when the circle turns green. Rinse and repeat to easily complete every level of the tower.

Congratulations! You’ve finished a seemingly impossible tower without breaking a sweat. Enjoy the trophy or achievement that unlocks upon completion.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Almighty (10 points / Bronze):
    Complete a Test Your Might tower.

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