The Brothers Rapture tells a story of two artists just before Rapture’s fall.

There’s something amazing about watching well-made fan films based off of games. Perhaps it’s the creativity that goes into designing the costumes and props, or maybe it’s the fact that they do more on a shoestring budget than even the largest Hollywood adaptation ever seems to. After some impressive takes on Half-Life, Metal Gear Solid and even Portal, gamers will soon get to peer into a live-action version of Bioshock. After picking up some cash through IndieGoGo, a small team of talented film makers are ready to demonstrate the dangers of plasmids with The Brothers Rapture.

Set before the hidden city underwent cultural and physical collapse, The Brothers Rapture explores the people who thrived in a land without limits. It appears to take the setting and theme of Bioshock and spin them out into an original story.

The trailer shows the brothers Charles and Arthur, artists newly arrived in Rapture. They seem overjoyed at the freedom that Rapture offers them, until a shady figure in a dapper hat shows up offering to turn their very hands into tools. Expect philosophical arguments and scenes of people shooting large vials of glowing goo into their arms.

The short film goes live on May 13th. More details can be found on the film’s official Facebook page

Source: YouTube

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