With a Wii Remote and “WiiLeanBack,” surfing silly cat videos on YouTube has never been lazier.

I love YouTube. I love finding crazy stuff that you just can’t see anywhere else – whether it’s crazy mashed-up music, the brilliance of auto-tune, or just people posting videos of their cats. But since YouTube must be viewed on your PC, it’s always a very close-up experience, with me at my mouse and keyboard. What if I want to watch cat videos from the comfort of my couch, huh?

That’s what WiiLeanBack is for. It’s a nifty little program that uses the basic Bluetooth functionality of the Wii’s controller to turn the Wii Remote into … a TV Remote (would that be a TiiVii remote?)

So this means that if you want to watch YouTube videos from the comfort of your couch, all you need is a Wii Remote and this software. And for your computer and monitor to be somewhere in the vicinity of your couch. You could always move them, but that’s a lot of work – and isn’t this about being as lazy as possible?

The Wii Remote: It controls YouTube videos and giant robot arms!


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