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Track down five targets and inherit the wrath of Hermes in Apotheon with our “House of Kastor” quest guide.

Invading Mount Olympus and defeating Zeus calls for a compliment of powerful artifacts. One such artifact is the Caduceus of Hermes, a killer staff that’s only unlocked after completing a special assassination quest.

To start the quest you’ll need to explore Acropolis and discover the House of Kastor. Kicking down the doors and finding the titular patrician leads into the mission proper. Get exact directions to the mission, the targets, and the prize with the guide below.

House of Kastor Assassination List Locations Guide

Inside the House of Kastor, you’ll eventually reach a dining room and kill Kastor in the lower levels.

Once he’s defeated, take his list of five assassination targets. Hunting down all five targets and collecting the Seals of Hermes unlocks the Caduceus (Staff) of Hermes.

The list hints at locations, but doesn’t explicitly show where to go. Check out the target info below to track all five down.

Target #1: Aristacus – Acropolis

The first target is in the Acropolis. Leave the House of Kastor and move right — jump into the second level of the very next building to see Aristacus’ name.

Target #2: Mylus – Acropolis

The second target is also found in the Acropolis. Climb a ladder in the lower-right corner of the map then drop down into a caged section filled with crates. Mylus is partially hidden behind the black cage in the foreground.

Target #3: Chrysus – Agora

Travel to Agora and start moving right. Down the main path there are many random NPCs — Agora is mixed in with the others. There’s a goat statue on the ramp in the background to his right.

Target #4: Acmon – Acropolis

Return to Acropolis and go to the Harbor on the left side of the map. Enter the Harbor of the Tides, move right up the ramp and climb down the first ladder you reach. Take the stairs up to find Acmon sleeping in a blue room with two armed guards.

Target #5: Pactolus – Acropolis

The last target is also found in the Harbor of Tides. Move left, jump up to the ramp platform above on your right, then move left again to leap onto another rocky level on the right. Hop up onto the rocky cliff above the tree to spot Pactolus.

How to Get the Caduceus of Hermes

Return to the main Acropolis area and climb to the top of the mountain bluff. There are five locked doors that open with the five seals. Climb the steep slope and take the note from Hermes inside the temple.

In the back corner of the temple there’s a cracked wall. Blow open the wall with Greek Fire, then unlock the five doors.

Though the dark passage you’ll find the powerful staff along with two green bonus chests.

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