The first step to bringing down hackers-and making a career out of it? Learning how to think like this. We’ve got a bundle shows you how: get the Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security & Forensics Bundle for $49 at Escapist Deals.

The bundle includes two trainings that’ll help you kick off your career in ethical hacking:

Cyber Security & Forensics Bundle: This two-course training helps you find out what it takes to work as as a Certified Ethical Hacker or Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator. Visual demonstrations, multimedia presentations, and exam simulators train you on preventative measures and more.

Computer Hacking Prevention Training: With case studies, live demo videos, and short tests, this class helps you understand how spam, phasing, and malware work. Collaborate with other students as you learn how to identify and stop attacks.

Learn how to protect yourself…and how to make a career out of protecting others. Get the Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security & Forensics Bundle forover 90% off at Escapist Deals.

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