Inputting a specific name at the start of the game replaces a butt-load of game text…with butts.

With a name like Shovel Knight, you’d be forgiven for expecting a decent amount of whimsy. For developer Yacht Club Games, though, whimsy apparently comes in the form of butts. The recently revealed easter egg “Butt Mode” pretty much does exactly what it sounds like – it takes some of the most commonly used phrases in the game and, with the surgical precision of an eight-year old’s Mad Libs book, replaces them all with the word “butt.”

Titular hero “Shovel Knight” becomes “Butt Butt,” his companion “Shield Knight” is now “Shield Butt” and “fate,” the ancient powers of fortune that some say dictates the course of all lives, is…well, its “butt.” To plunge into “Butt Mode,” players just need to input “WSWWAEAW” or “X&BUTT” when naming their save file. For those of you who care more about achievements than this butt-ressing of the game’s story, keep in mind that any cheat codes, including “Butt Mode,” will disable the game’s “Feats” achievement tracker.

For more info on Shovel Knight check out our review of the game here. Jim Sterling called it a game that “oozes charm” but is probably best appreciated by fans of the difficult, retro games it homages.

Source: Polygon, CastleGeekSkull (YouTube)

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