You don’t need to know Warhammer 40k to know that this is a game about killing lots of evil green aliens.

For all its popularity amongst the tabletop gaming crowd – and the people who enjoy Relic’s rather entertaining RTS gamesWarhammer 40k isn’t as well-known a series these days as some other franchises about burly men in power armor fighting aliens might be.

But you really don’t need to know anything about Warhammer 40k to appreciate the box art for Relic’s upcoming third-person shooter Warhammer 40k: Space Marine. I personally couldn’t give three hoots about 40k myself, but this box art really sums up everything I (and you) need to know about the game:

1.) You are a very angry man who sweats testosterone.

2.) You have a cool suit of power armor and a chainsaw sword.

3.) There are also very angry green aliens, and you can tell they’re evil because they have sharp pointy teeth.

4.) Kill the hell out of those sons-of-bitches.

There’s no more, there’s no less. You can see some faded-out architecture in the back, but that’s all, really. There aren’t any obtrusive group shots awkwardly shoehorned in, there aren’t any mysterious markings or images in an attempt to be symbolic and artistic – there’s none of that. There is just a man and his chainsaw sword leaping at evil aliens to kill them all.

Frankly, it’s so pure it almost makes me want to cry.

(Via GameInformer)

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