Behold the Awesome and Impractical Iron Man Flight Simulator


If you’ve ever wanted to fly like Tony Stark in power armor, here’s a do-it-yourself kit for those with a bit of money and a lot of guts.

Flight simulators are nothing new – we’ve had them for decades by this point. But when you think about it, they’re really only good for (somewhat) simulating the act of flying an airplane: You sit in a chair, you steer with a joystick, and you glance at instruments.

But since the release of the original flight simulators, pop culture has embraced an alternative method of flying: Badass power armor. Some aspiring tinkers put their heads together to create a simulator that would actively make the user feel like they were soaring across Google Earth.

The ingredients for magic, according to the site:

* Small Crane.
* Hang glider harness.
* UAV wings (unmanned aerial vehicle).
* large propeller.
* Virtual Reality goggles.
* FPV Ground Station.
* WiiMote.
* GlovePIE.
* Google Earth Flight Simulator.
* one brave experimenter.

It’s certainly not flawless, but it’s still cool. Guys, I want one – someone build me one. Pretty please?

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