The quest to build the ultimate working Pip-Boy 3000 continues with the creation of a Pip-Boy 3000 that actually works.

We’ve run into some pretty groovy Pip-Boy mods over the past couple of years, ranging from a relatively simple Blackberry theme to life-sized, wearable devices with iPhones stuffed inside. But none of them can compare to the hardware put together by YouTube user “MyMagicPudding,” which goes beyond merely ramming a touch-screen phone into a hollowed-out Pip-Boy alarm clock that came with the Survival Edition of Fallout 3. It does use a mobile device – an HTC Desire HD, to be precise – but you won’t be poking at the screen to get things done.

Instead, with the help of Arduino Uno, some buttons, knobs and a bit of creative soldering, this Pip-Boy actually works like the “real,” in-game Pip-Boy. Screen controls, menu selections and everything else are handled by external controls, complete with dead-on sound effects for everything that happens. It’s all installed into a fantastic case created by the Replica Prop Forum user named Skruffy.

It’s a dead ringer for the real deal except for one minor detail: between the phone, the Arduino, the battery and the “dodgy” soldering, there’s no room for an arm anymore. Hopefully that’ll be corrected in the future; Mr. Pudding describes this project as “the first test of [his] attempt to build a working Pip-Boy 3000,” so future refinements may be on the way. It’s great as-is, but making it wearable would make it truly brilliant.

via: Hack a Day

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