Behold the Cutest Game of Thrones House Sigils Ever Created


The grittiness of Game of Thrones doesn’t come near the cute little wolf, lion and fish in these drawings.

Part of the appeal of George R. R. Martin’s fantasy epic series of novels is the bloody backstabbings contrasted with pomp and heraldry. Each powerful noble family or house in Westeros has a sigil or animal emblem proudly displayed in their stronghold and on banners before their armies, and the official house motto or words characterize the whole family. For example, the Stark family has a direwolf and the words “Winter is Coming” on their banners while the rival Lannisters have a golden lion with the motto “Hear Me Roar.” Various artists have represented what the banners might look like based on Martin’s description, but I’m pretty sure French illustrator Renaud Forestié is the first to imagine them so – well – cute.

Forestié is a bit of a renaissance man. Not only is he a freelance artist and illustrator but he also has published 2 books, had his work appear in several art books, works as an art director/website manager at a software company and is even in an indie-folk band called Uniform Motion. Add web designer/developer and programmer to that mix and you have the awesome personal website

Splash fantasy and gaming nerd on his other talents and you have these amazingly cute drawings of the Houses of Westeros. Oh, and Forestié has been illustrating/interpreting the classes from Team Fortress 2. Check out the Spy here.

Yeah, I think this Frenchman wins the Internet. At least for today.


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