Fus Do Ham, kids – it’s the Skyrim Bacon Helmet!

There’s really not much more to say about this: it’s a life-sized Dragonborn helmet from the hit RPG Skyrim, made entirely out of bacon. Assembled, cooked and eaten – but not before being worn by its creator, a Reddit user who goes by the name “Liktwo.”

He estimated that there’s enough bacon in this thing to feed six to eight people, but as to the process of actually making it he didn’t have much to say. “We put it in the oven,” he wrote. “The foil was necessary for stability.”

So, that’s that then. But looking at these pre-build pictures, I do have to wonder about his estimated number of people this lid could feed. I count 18 packages of bacon in the first pre-build pic and assuming it was all used, or even most of it, that works out very roughly to 2.5 pounds of bacon per person. I consider myself a pretty big bacon fan, but I’m not sure I could eat that much of it in one sitting without having a stroke. Maybe he was talking about six to eight hulking Nord dragon slayers?

via: The Daily What

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