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Bethesda might not be making an Elder Scrolls MMO, but that won’t stop fans from doing so.

One question that keeps reverberating through the halls of Skyrim as you play is: wouldn’t this game be great to play with friends? I personally do not have a reason to make Skyrim massively multiplayer – even when I play an MMO, I mostly play solo – but there is something interesting about putting persistence and living personalities behind all those NPCs you meet. A mod author has made the first steps of turning Bethesda’s open world single-player game into an online multiplayer masterpiece – complete with naked avatars.

The mod is far from complete. It looks buggy as hell and animations of players logged in to the server are non-existent. On the other hand, simply having characters move around and face a certain direction in a client running this mod is an achievement.

Now, I’m not positive if this mod is a good thing, but it certainly shows some ingenuity. Being able to enter an online mode where you can see other people logged into a server is pretty dang cool, even if the the game Bethesda wrote didn’t include any kind of multiplayer at all. If someone can make this mod without the benefits of the Creation Kit, can you imagine what kinds of things we’ll see when it drops in January?

But honestly, I’m not sure that I would want multiplayer clogging up my Skyrim What do you guys think? Would you download a multiplayer mod? Should Bethesda include multiplayer in their Elder Scroll games or is singleplayer enough for you?

Source: YouTube via VG247

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