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Best Bailu Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Natasha and Bailu are the only healers in the launch version of Honkai: Star Rail. With healers being an invaluable addition to any team it’s important to build them to make sure they can keep your team healthy. In this article, I’ll focus on the best build for 5-star character Bailu, currently the best healer in Honkai: Star Rail if you’re lucky enough to obtain her.

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How to Build Bailu in Honkai: Star Rail for Amazing Healing

No matter what content you’re tackling, you can’t go wrong with having Bailu on your team. Her main skill offers multi-target healing. While it can be a bit random as it hops between team members, it puts out a ton of heal buffs. Bailu’s ultimate ability grants a massive heal across the whole team, with the added bonus of having team members regenerate a portion of their HP immediately after being hit for several times. This ultimate has saved my bacon countless times in the higher level Simulated Universe Worlds.

To maximize Bailu’s healing output and utility, you’ll need to choose the right Light Cones and Relics with the best stats you can roll on them. And it goes without saying that you should level Bailu as high as possible and max out her Traces for best output.

Best Light Cones for Bailu

As is the case with most characters, the 5-star Bailu-specific Light Cone is her best in-slot Light Cone if you have it. If (like me) you don’t yet have that, then you’ll want to either use the 4-star Light Cone Post-Op Conversation for best healing or 4-star Light Cone Shared Feeling. Both focus on increasing healing output and energy regeneration, which are important for boosting healing values and rate.

Best Relics and Stats for Bailu

In terms of Relics, you’ll want to farm the Passerby of Wandering Cloud set. This is an incredibly good set for Bailu, increasing healing output and providing skill point generation at the beginning of battle. For your Planetary Relics, you’ll want to go for the Fleet of the Ageless set for more HP and an attack buff for your party when your Speed stat is high enough.

As for stats, you’ll want Bailu to have good healing, be beefy so she can stick around on the field, and be fast so that she can heal as often as you need. To meet these needs, you’ll want Outgoing Healing % on your body Relic, + Speed on your feet Relic, HP% on your Planar Sphere and HP% on your Link Rope. For sub stats look for more Speed and HP% where possible.

That covers it for how best to build Bailu in Honkai: Star Rail. If you follow this build you’ll have a speedy Bailu putting out tons of healing all the time and tanking hits like a boss!

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