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Best Klee Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Best Klee Team Comps in Genshin Impact

With the second half of patch 3.8 for Genshin Impact now live, some characters that have taken over a year to get a rerun on the limited character banners make their returns. In this guide we’ll be focusing on the fun-sized, bomb-loving Klee and some of the awesome team comps you can build around her to help her sizable damage shine in Genshin Impact.

Klee is an on-field damage dealer that wants to stay on the field for the full length of her skill and burst use to deal maximum damage before swapping. Characters who have strong off-field application skills and bursts to support and react with Klee’s significant Pyro output are ideal in her teams. 

Klee International

Klee – Xingqiu – Bennett – Kazuha

Klee has some incredibly good synergy with this team comp. You’ll want to use Kazuha’s skill first to group enemies and keep them in place, then set up Bennett’s burst for the healing and damage buff. Next, use Xingqiu to apply Hydro with his skill and activate his burst for strong extra damage and Hydro off field. Swap back to Kazuha once more to regroup the enemies, use his burst to swirl, and then swap Klee in to use her skill and burst for a ton of damage. This is a formidable combo and you’ll be able to take on most content with this team.

Klee Melt

Klee – Xingqiu – Layla – Bennett

Klee’s Melt team is quite nice. HoYoverse actually used it in the character trial for Klee that’s currently running, so if you try that out for the Primo Gems, you can experience how good this comp is firsthand. Xingqiu applies tons of Hydro, while Layla provides excellent shielding and can deal a nice amount of off-field Cryo to react with the Hydro and trigger the Freeze reaction on enemies. Then Bennett comes up to use his burst and buff Klee, who uses her skill and burst to deal tons of Pyro damage and cause the Melt reaction on Frozen enemies for bonus damage. It’s a very comfortable comp to play, with healing from Bennett and shielding from Layla keeping the team nicely protected and healed all the time. 

Klee Burgeon

Klee – Xingqiu – Thoma – Baizhu

With Dendro being such a strong meta element, it’s hard to overlook a good Burgeon comp. Pairing Klee with Thoma (who is also on the current limited character banner) makes an excellent duo for a Burgeon team. Having a Dendro applicator and healer like Baizhu or YaoYao allows you to apply Dendro to enemies while keeping the team healthy. Xingqiu can then apply lots of Hydro to the Dendro afflicted enemies to generate Blooms. Next, Thoma uses his skill and burst to set up Klee to detonate the Blooms for massive Burgeon damage with her Pyro. You’ll be hard pressed to not blow up most enemies very quickly with a team comp like this, which rather suits Klee’s character and story.

Those are some of the best team comps to try with Klee in Genshin Impact for the second half of patch 3.8. If you pull for Klee and need some powerful teams to use with her, you should consider giving these a go if you have the characters to do so! If you’re looking for more character builds and team comps to make it through the game, make sure to check out our full range of guides

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