From best weapons to artifact sets, here are some tips for how to build the very best version of Lyney in Genshin Impact.

Best Lyney Build in Genshin Impact

With the long anticipated release of update 4.0 for Genshin Impact, we get access to the incredible nation of justice, Fontaine. This home of the Hydro Archon is truly a sight to see, just like our new 5 Star friend featuring on the current limited character banner, Lyney. Lyney is an on-field Pyro damage dealer that specializes in charged shots. Using charged shots builds up stacks that you can detonate with your skill for massive burst damage. With the twirl of his magicians hat, Lyney can leave a nuclear blast behind him and walk away in style. He’s quite a unique character, so let’s go over how best to build him.

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How to Build Lyney in Genshin Impact

To suit his charged-shot playstyle, we’ll have to build Lyney a very specific way. He also really wants to have a mono Pyro team to scale his damage with his passive. The more Pyro team mates Lyney has, the more bonus damage he gets. This means we won’t be focusing on any improvement to elemental reactions.

Talent Priority

The vast majority of Lyney’s damage comes from combos with his charged shots to build stacks, and then detonating those with his Skill. So you’ll want to level his Basic Attack talent first, followed by the Skill talent, and then the Elemental Burst talent last.

Best Weapons

Lyney has a 5 Star signature weapon called The First Great Magic which features on the current limited weapon banner. This is his most powerful and best in-slot weapon for damage. The other 5 Star weapon on that banner, the Aqua Simulacra, is his second-best weapon. The Prototype Crescent bow is his best 4 Star option and is a craftable bow. This is an excellent choice for him, especially at refinement level 5.

Lyney build genshin impact

Best Artifact Set

The brand new set Marechaussee Hunter is by far his best 4 piece set. It provides a huge Crit Rate boost as well as increased charged shot damage. You’ll really want to farm this new set in the Fontaine domain to get the most out of your Lyney.

Best Artifact Stats

For stats you don’t really need to worry about Energy Recharge for Lyney which is nice. His requirements are low and his Burst isn’t that strong anyway. So we’ll be focusing purely on his damage. For the Artifact main stats look for the following: Attack % on the Sands, Pyro Damage Bonus % on the Goblet, and Crit Damage on the Circlet.

For sub stats on the Artifacts the priority is as follows: Crit Damage > Crit Rate > Attack % > Flat Attack.

Best Lyney artifacts in genshin impact

That’s how best to build Lyney in Genshin Impact. If you follow this setup you’ll be nuking the native wildlife of Fontaine in no time.

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