Here is a list of all of the best weapons in Metal: Hellsinger ranked from pretty effective to top-tier killing power, baby.

Metal: Hellsinger’s arsenal of weapons offers some old favorites, new twists on classic ideas, and even a pair of heavy metal crows that will kill anything in a 50-foot radius, given a chance. With the game being such a high-quality but bite-sized experience, everything you use to slay the forces of Hell needs to be effective and fun to use. Here is a ranking of all six of the Metal: Hellsinger weapons, ranked from the least useful to the best.

These Are the Best Metal: Hellsinger Weapons, Ranked

6. Terminus

The ultimate fallback weapon, Terminus the Unknown’s blade might have infinite uses, but its damage is low, its range even lower, and it’s almost immediately outclassed once you’re out of the tutorial. Its super ability lets you swing it almost as fast as your fingers can press the attack button, so slaying to the beat with this blade is easier when charged, but there’s little reason to use it anywhere past the first couple of levels.

5. Vulcan

Despite its ability to rocket jump given perfect timing, Vulcan’s limit of two shots and generally low damage and usability without grinding the various Sigil challenges puts it near the bottom of the list of options. Its gravity well ultimate is an excellent way to help clear trash mobs from a room, but it’s far from the game-changer necessary to move higher on this list.

4. Hellcrow

As cool as throwing razor-winged demon crows to slice up other demons is, the Hellcrow’s effectiveness in battle leaves a bit to be desired. They deal good damage, and the murder of crows summoned by their ultimate is probably the most badass in the game, but only having two crows to throw with a lot of additional downtime makes them a niche option at best.

3. Paz

Paz is neither the most damaging nor exciting weapon in Metal: Hellsinger, but his utility is unquestionable. There isn’t a lot of time between arenas in the game, but there is enough that his ability to keep your Fury rating high in those lulls in the action is essential to keeping your damage and score high. His ultimate is also an ode to classic metal, calling down lightning strikes on nearby foes.

2. Persephone

It wouldn’t be a game about killing the hordes of Hell to kickass metal without a pump-action shotgun, and what Persephone lacks in flash, she makes up for with sheer stopping power. Many of the arenas in Metal: Hellsinger put you in close range. Though later enemies are tanky enough to weather more than a few shotgun blasts from a ways out, nothing else in the game is as usable or satisfying as blasting to the beat with this gun.

1. The Hounds

Where Persephone fails at range, the Hounds provide. Where Hellcrow lets down as a dual-wielded weapon, the Hounds provide. They’re not quite as satisfying as Persephone, but blasting demons apart with a pair of heavy-caliber revolvers is a close second. Add in their high damage output and ultimate ability to summon a second stationary version of the Unknown with two more Hounds in her hands, and there is no better choice in Metal: Hellsinger.

That is all of the best weapons in Metal: Hellsinger ranked! The Outsiders really did a great job with this release.

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