Somebody may have broken into the Bethesda Softworks forums again, and that means mandatory password changes for everyone!

If you’ve tried to log onto the Bethesda forums any time since Friday, you probably noticed that your password didn’t work. That’s because the forums may have suffered another security breach and the company reset all user passwords as a result, “in the event that any encrypted forum user passwords were compromised.”

Instructions for resetting passwords are included with the announcement of the possible break-in, but it basically amounts to hitting the standard “forgot my password” link and following the steps. If you’ve been a member of the forums since way back when and the email address you registered with is dead and gone, you can create a new account and then PM the Gstaff user to have the email on your original account changed. Bethesda naturally recommends that you don’t change your forum password back to whatever it was before all this started.

There’s no word on what may or may not have happened to the Bethsoft forums, but if there was a breach it wouldn’t be the first one suffered by the company in recent months. In June, Bethesda was one of many victims of the Lulzsec rampage, although in that instance the company simply recommended that users change their own passwords rather than forcing an across-the-board change for everyone.

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