Bethesda Shows Off Skyrim “Game Jam” Mods


The fruits of Bethesda’s internal Skyrim “Game Jam” are many and varied, ranging from spears and kill cams to a mud crab the size of Skar.

Skyrim Game Director Todd Howard took to the stage at DICE last night to talk about Bethesda’s internal “game jam,” in which everyone on the team got a week to create whatever Skyrim mod their heart desired. The results were put together in a “sizzle video” for a company-wide presentation held in December and which Howard thought was cool enough to show off during his presentation.

Hard to argue with that conclusion. Who wouldn’t want to build their own custom house somewhere in the wilds of the Rift, ride a dragon from town to town or become a flying Vampire Lord, complete with your very own Vampire Imp minions? Not that we’ll necessarily get to do any of that stuff, as Howard said that how much of it sees the light of day has yet to be determined, but with the recent release of the Skyrim Creation Kit it seems like kind of a no-brainer.

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