Troublesome robots may keep you from your meeting with the Burned Man in Honest Hearts.

Fallout: New Vegas publisher Bethesda reports that a fix is in the works for the technical issues that are preventing some people from playing the Honest Hearts DLC. This fix will be integrated into the game’s next patch, although Bethesda has yet to reveal when the patch is due.

The problem with the DLC seems to revolve around ED-E, a robotic companion that players can pick up in the game. There are dozens of bugs attached to him, and some of them are preventing people from starting the new content. A commenter on the official Bethesda Blog raised the issue, to which community manger Nick Breckon replied that Bethesda was aware of the issue, and was working on it. Unfortunately for players already suffering the bug’s effects, he said that the fix would not do anything for games that were already broken, and players would have to revert to an earlier, unaffected save.

This new issue is just the latest entry in the catalogue of technical issues that have plagued New Vegas since its release. This isn’t even the worst problem that players have had to put up with; the last patch actually broke the game for some Xbox 360 players. Obsidian has admitted that its games ship with a lot of bugs, but that confession isn’t worth a great deal if it doesn’t do a better job of fixing them.

Source: via CVG

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