Bethesda’s 2009 Press Event Swag


The Bethesda 2009 press event is still officially hours from kicking off, so I still don’t know just what, exactly, was worth the trouble of flying a gaggle of journalists from all corners of the world to London, England. But I do have a really nice bag in my swanky hotel room full of cheeky, British snacks, and from the looks of things, somebody’s planning a party.

My favorite item in the pile is the box of “energy patches.” These are apparently on the order of nicotine patches, but instead of nicotine, they’re laced with caffeine. Feeling drowsy? Slap one on your arm and you’ll be good to go. The box label warns that people with “caffeine intolerance” shouldn’t use the product, which makes me leery (a cup of coffee sends me through the roof), but I have no doubt some of my colleagues will be wearing theirs this morning.

The event got off to an unofficial start last night at a swanky reception at a posh London hotel. Wine and beer flowed freely and the supply of bangers and mash seemed bottomless. The Bethesda folks were tight-lipped about what’s in store for us today, but I was able to pry loose a little color from Bethesda’s Pete Hines about at least one of the products we’ll be seeing.

Broken Steel, the third DLC pack for Fallout 3 not only ups the level cap to 30, but apparently adds an extra layer of difficulty. According to Hines, he’s been practicing intensely to master the new enemies so as not to embarrass himself during the demo. Maybe he’d do better with one of those caffeine patches.

The Bethesda 2009 press event officially kicks off this morning at London’s luxurious, sky-high conference space, Altitude 360. In addition to previews of Bethesda’s upcoming 2009 releases, we’ve been promised at least one juicy announcement, so stay tuned.

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