Better Call Saul Game Boy game GB video mockup reimagining Lumpy Touch Better Call Saul Gameboy'd

Have you ever wondered what AMC masterpiece Better Call Saul would look like as a Game Boy platformer? Of course you have! And now you can finally stop losing sleep over it, because YouTuber Lumpy Touch has created a mockup video that shows Jimmy McGill, Kim Wexler, and Mike Ehrmantraut as characters in an imaginary Better Call Saul Game Boy game, complete with the title jingle. The characters have amusing made-up stats including “Guts,” “Hustle,” “Authority,” and “Lawyer,” along with passive skills like Jimmy’s “Slippin.”

The video is playing a little loose with Game Boy hardware restrictions, but it’s a delight to behold anyway. There are digitized scenes from the series, like a dramatic confrontation between Jimmy and his brother Chuck, complete with muffled, low-quality voice samples. Then it segues to a level set in the desert, named “Bagman” after the season 5 episode of the same name. It carries the same vibes as the Super Mario Land games, except Jimmy is collecting money instead of coins, which fits the theme. However, the “gameplay” gets a lot sillier and more imaginative after that, so you ought to just watch the video and be surprised.

Better Call Saul as a Game Boy game is totally something I would play. What about you? Another thing I would play is this breathtaking 3D reimagining of Pokémon Red and Blue using the original art style.


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