Beyond Good & Evil 2 Demo Shows Off 14 Minutes of Gameplay Footage Hosted by Michel Ancel


Ubisoft has released a 14-minute gameplay demo of Beyond Good & Evil 2 that’s hosted by series creator Michel Ancel.

After the surprise inclusion of a Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer in Ubisoft’s E3 presser, gamers were hoping to hear about the game. Series creator Michel Ancel appeared to throw some cold water on those hopes when he said in an interview last week that the game was at “day zero of development.” But it looks like there is a little more to see, as Ubi has released a demo hosted by Ancel that runs over 14 minutes.

As you can see, there are plenty of ships, and the smaller ships can fit inside the larger ones. You can also hop out and explore the entire interior of the ships you see. Ancel demonstrates how ship flight works, and explains the importance of the technology that powers the game.

Most impressive is the scale of the game. Parking the monkey character from the trailer atop the large Ganehsa statue makes him appear tiny, but when Ancel zooms out, you see that statue is just a tiny bit of a city, that’s a tiny bit of a continent and a planet.

While there’s not even a rough estimate of when the game might be ready, Ubisoft is inviting players to join its “Space Monkey Program” to get involved in the game’s development. You can find more details at the official Beyond Good & Evil 2 website.

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